Product photos, pack shots, deukavallo Gelenk Fit and Gelenk Fit Plus (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
deukavallo Joint Fit, structure photo (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
deukavallo Gelenk Fit Plus, structure photo (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

deukavallo expands its range with two new supplements for needs-based horse feeding. The basic formula of both supplements is based on the framework protein gelatine hydrolysate. The ingredient promotes and strengthens the horse's joints. deukavallo Joint Fit is thus suitable for preventing wear and tear and for maintaining joint health (e.g. for sport horses with high physical strain or older horses with age-related joint problems). If the horse is already suffering from acute joint and tendon problems, it is recommended to feed deukavallo Gelenk Fit Plus as a supplement. Both supplementary feeds are now available in the online shop at available.

Portrait photo Barbara Wefers, Product Manager deukvallo (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

"Horse owners are afraid of signs of wear and tear on the joints and the associated suffering and loss of performance of their horses," says Barbara Wefers, deukavallo Product Manager deukavallo Joint Fit and deukavallo Gelenk Fit Plus, horse owners now have two supplementary feeds at their disposal that can prevent premature joint wear or can be integrated into therapy-accompanying feeding in the case of acute ailments."

The framework protein gelatine hydrolysate strengthens the joints

deukavallo Gelenk Fit and deukavallo Joint Fit Plus are based on gelatine hydrolysate. Gelatine hydrolysate promotes the formation of synovial fluid and thus supports the formation of stable bones and cartilage. Feeding feed with gelatine hydrolysate can help prevent degenerative joint and bone wear (e.g. arthrosis) or reduce existing conditions. The positive effects of a dosed supplementary feed have been confirmed by scientific studies (1) and veterinarians recommend it for sport horses as well as for age- and load-related signs of wear.

deukavallo Joint Fit supports the regeneration of damaged joint cartilage

In addition to the basic formula of pure gelatine hydrolysate, the supplementary feed deukavallo Gel enk Fit contains further nutrients such as zinc and biotin in a dosage that supplements requirements. It thus strengthens bone and cartilage tissue, improves joint function and promotes cartilage regeneration. With its grain-free formula, it is also suitable deukavallo Joint Fit is also suitable for horses with a sensitive metabolism, a tendency to laminitis or pre-existing conditions such as Cushing's syndrome, equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) or polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM).

deukavallo Joint Fit Plus against acute joint and tendon problems

The supplement deukavallo Gelenk Fit Plus is a targeted further development of deukavallo Gelenk Fit. It is suitable for accompanying feeding of horses that already suffer from acute joint and tendon problems. In addition to gelatine hydrolysate deukavallo Joint Fit Plus the meat of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel (lat. Perna Canaliculus). The powerful combination of nutrients reduces inflammation and stress-related joint and tendon problems and also has a pain-relieving effect. The high content of omega-3 fatty acids from the green-lipped mussel supports the regenerative capacity of the joints. Deukavallo Gelenk Fit Plus is also grain-free and can be safely fed to horses with pre-existing conditions such as Cushing's disease, EMS or PSSM.

Packshot of the two new supplements for horses with joint diseases: deukavallo Gelenk Fit and deukavallo Gelenk Fit Plus (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

About deukavallo

deukavallo is the horse feed brand of deuka companion - a brand of Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. At deukavallo, the focus is on the well-being of horses - and has been for almost 50 years. Whether for leisure, sport or breeding horses, hopeful youngsters or experienced seniors: the deukavallo range offers the right feed for every horse. All products are precisely tailored to the nutritional needs of the animals. The mueslis, extrudates, mineral and pellet feeds are the result of a constant exchange of experience with animal nutrition institutes, veterinary universities and horse owners and breeders.

Only the highest quality orientation leads to sustainable feeding success. We at deukavallo are convinced of this. For this reason, all our production processes - from the raw material to the finished product - are fully documented and the quality of the feed is constantly monitored. This is how we at deukavallo ensure the best feed quality true to the motto: Naturally good horse feed.

About deuka companion

Healthy love between humans and animals. That is what all pet owners want. The basis of a fulfilling relationship is the appropriate handling of dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, chickens and the like - and this also includes a high-quality and nutritious diet. We at deuka companion know this. With our decades of feeding experience, we develop the best pet food according to intelligent recipes and the highest German standards - always geared to your pet's needs.

deuka companion offers orientation in the jungle of false promises. Contrary to short-lived feeding trends and empty marketing blah blah, our products stand for timelessly good food - honest and transparent. With deuka companion, pet owners can once again rely on their gut feeling when buying food. This leaves more time for the essentials: Namely, enjoying life with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and co. without restrictions. www.

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Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is the market-leading compound feed producer in Germany. With approx. 2.5 million tonnes per year (2021), the company is the largest private producer of high-quality compound feeds for livestock and pets. More than 725 employees from 20 nations work successfully at 13 locations. The plants are among the most modern and largest of their kind in Germany. The deuka brand is of great importance throughout Germany and is also represented in many neighbouring European countries. The associated brands Club and Nordkraft are firmly established, especially in southern Germany and Lower Saxony. They all stand for the highest quality in all feeding areas.

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer, based in Düsseldorf, is a company of Peter Cremer Holding GmbH & Co KG, Hamburg. The company looks back on almost 100 years of tradition in compound feed production.

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  1. Dobenecker, Reese, Jahn, Schunk, Hugenberg, Louton, Oesser Specific bioactive collagen peptides (Petagile®) as supplement for horses with osteoarthritis: a two-centred study J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr. 2018;102(Suppl.1):16-23 DOI: 10.1111(jpn.12863