The quality of our products is our top priority at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. Through internal and external controls of our quality management system, we always keep our standards high. Our sites are regularly certified by accredited certification bodies according to the standards listed below.

Our current certificates and a brief explanation of the respective quality management systems are available here:

Welches Zertifikat suchen Sie?

QS (Quality and Safety GmbH)

QS is a cross-level quality system in Germany for fresh food. Currently these are meat and meat products, fruit, vegetables and potatoes. The aim of the system is to ensure safety and transparency in food production. Quality standards are set for all stages from agricultural production to the shop counter and are checked by independent testing institutes. Within the chain, only system participants are allowed to work. As a feed producer, Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is part of the production chain for meat production and participates voluntarily in the QS scheme.


KAT (Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry)

The aim of the KAT system is to ensure the origin and traceability of hens' eggs. The KAT logo identifies eggs from free-range, floor and organic farming. This quality system also works across stages, so here, too, only system partners are allowed to work within the chain.


The A-feed programme is part of the Bavarian "Tested Quality" programme. The aim of this programme is to ensure the quality of meat. Due to similar requirements of both systems, the A-Futter scheme recognises the QS scheme, with the addition of analytical samples taken by neutral inspectors. Farms participating in the Geprüfte Qualität Bayern scheme may only use certified A-feed.

pastus (Feed Directive of Agrarmarkt Austria Marketing GmbH)

pastus is an Austrian quality system that controls the entire feed chain from the raw material producer to the transporter to the livestock farmer. Agreements have been concluded between the QS and pastus systems for mutual recognition in the areas of feed production, trade and transport. Through this mutual recognition, Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer also participates in the pastus system with some locations.


VLOG (Association of Foodstuffs without Genetic Engineering)

On behalf of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, the VLOG association has been awarding the uniform logo for labelling food produced without genetic engineering since 2010. This logo may only be used if all the specifications set out in VLOG's own testing standard are met. This ensures compliance with the criteria required by the "Ohne Gentechnik" legislation.

As a feed producer, Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is certified as part of the production chain of animal foodstuffs not requiring labelling and provides its customers with a comprehensive "VLOG-tested" range.


RedCert2 (Society for the Certification of Sustainably Produced Biomass mbH)

The implementation of the biomass sustainability regulations is certified annually according to the REDCert2 EU system. REDcert² is one of the few sustainability certification systems that can be applied at all stages - from the farmer to the supply and trading stage. This certification entitles Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer to market sustainable agricultural products for use as energy.

Europe Soya

The Europe Soya Programme was established to promote and disseminate the cultivation, processing and marketing of GMO-free, origin-controlled quality soya from Europe. The aim is to develop and ensure a GMO-free protein supply in and from Europe.

Energy management ISO 50001

As an international standard for energy management systems, ISO 50001 pursues the goal of continuous improvement of a company's energy-related performance. In addition to the introduction of the energy management system in a company, the standard describes the obligation to continuously improve the system.

By participating in ISO 50001, Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is constantly optimising its energy efficiency.


GMP is a globally recognised Dutch quality system for the production and trade of feed. It stands for "Good Manufacturing Practice". GMP provides a control system across the entire feed chain from the raw material producer, processor, compound feed manufacturer to the transporter and delivery to the farmer.

Mutual recognition of the systems has been agreed between GMP and QS for the areas of application feed production, trade, transport, storage and handling. This enables participants to deliver products to the other system as well.

All locations of Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer are recognised in the GMP system.