Girl holds collected basket with eggs in front of flock of chickens
young girl holding cock on flower meadow
Happy boy holds goose
Man holds feeding trough in front of flock of chickens

Hobby Poultry

Do you love animals, have your own garden and want to make good use of your free time? Become a hobby poultry farmer. More and more people keep poultry out of a love of nature and for self-sufficiency. The delicious breakfast egg from your own animal husbandry - what could be better?

But no matter what your reasons are: We have the right feed for your chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. In addition to high-quality protein, essential vitamins and valuable nutrients and trace elements, our feeds contain everything your feathered companions need to live. Because only optimally supplied animals feel well. Take advantage of our 90 years of experience for the benefit of your animals!

Girl gnuddles goose in garden
Girlfriends with chickens in front of garden hut

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