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Our values

As a feed producer and part of the animal food processing chain, we have a great responsibility. We provide cattle, pigs, chickens and many other domestic and pet animals with everything they need to be fully nourished, stay healthy, give enough milk, produce meat and lay delicious eggs.

As a traditional company with a long and successful history, our actions have always been guided by fundamental principles. It is this value-oriented approach that has made us what we are today: A producer of high quality and modern feed, a trustworthy partner of the trade and livestock farmers and, last but not least, one of the most attractive employers in the industry.

We believe in

Proximity to our customers is a high priority for us. Our focus on the needs of farmers, breeders and livestock owners helps us to produce customised feed that meets the needs of the animals. Because we can only benefit together if we help our customers to master their challenges.

We believe in the strength of the stationary trade. That is why we work closely with the agricultural trade, which takes care of the delivery of our compound feeds - from the factory to the farmer's silo. The distribution of our pet food is also carried out in close cooperation with the advisory and indispensable specialised trade in all parts of the country.

We are constantly working on optimising our recipes and developing the latest feeding concepts. To this end, we cooperate closely with research stables and universities. We are convinced that only through constant development, improvement and innovation can modern feeds be created that provide optimal care for animals and keep them healthy.

You can find out more about research and innovationhere.

Corporate success and employee satisfaction are two sides of the same coin. Training and development are crucial for a motivating working environment. For this reason, we offer our employees opportunities for regular training and development. This is the only way we can develop our full potential together.

At the same time, training young people is an important pillar of our corporate culture. For generations, we have been sharing our knowledge with young people and thus enabling them to enter working life in many exciting professional fields.

You can find out more about us as an employerhere.

Feeding according to their specific needs ensures the welfare and health of the animals. They can only develop and thrive if they receive feed with the right structure for their species, in addition to all vitamins, nutrients and trace elements. For this reason, we strive to promote animal welfare with the help of our feed.

You can find out more about how needs-based feeding contributes to animal welfarehere.

Only responsible and future-oriented action can bring people and the environment into harmony. The sustainable, environmentally and climate-friendly manufacture of our products is therefore a central concern of our entrepreneurial activities. - At the same time, we are committed to fair working conditions and therefore ensure strict compliance with minimum social standards among our suppliers and business partners.

You can find out more about our commitment to sustainability and environmental protectionhere.

Our behavioural guidelines at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

The combination of tradition with modern feeding concepts - paired with a focus on added value for our customers: This forms the basis of Cremer's success Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer's success. This results in a clear and unambiguous Code of Conduct for us. These basic rules and principles, which apply equally to every employee at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer and serve as a binding orientation framework for our day-to-day behaviour towards business partners, the general public and in our dealings with one another.

To our behavioural guidelines

Verhaltensleitlinien für unsere Geschäftspartner

In unserem Handeln setzen wir auf Verantwortung, Vertrauen und Nachhaltigkeit. Stabile Beziehungen zu unseren Partnern innerhalb der Wertschöpfungskette sind uns wichtig und basieren auf einem gemeinsamen Werteverständnis. Diesen Orientierungsrahmen bündeln wir in unseren Verhaltensleitlinien für Geschäftspartner.

Unseren Verhaltensrichlinien für Geschäftspartner