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deuka Feed Ingredients

The deuka Feed Ingredients team develops and distributes innovative products for the production of compound, special and mineral feeds as well as premixes. Our special focus is on healthy and high-performance feed compositions. Our specialised and experienced employees are active on a daily basis in the conception of feed programmes and formulations as well as in practical expert advice. With their extensive experience from practice for practice, they are available to our customers nationally and internationally with advice and support.

The central focus of our development work and production is our patented opticon® technology. With our pressure-hydrothermal process technology - a further development of the proven extrusion technology - we break down feed components such as grain as well as rapeseed or soya meal specifically for the respective application in feeding. In doing so, the opticon® treatment improves the nutrient availability and digestibility of the respective feed component and thus supports efficient and balanced nutrition. Find out more about opticon® pressure process technology here.

Our opticon® products as a building block of your feeding solutions

The products developed using opticon® technology are used to create modern, needs-covering, performance-oriented and economical feed concepts for cattle, pigs, poultry and pets. Below you will find an overview of the most important products in our range and a brief description of their properties.

Our assortment for pigs

opticon® cereals - digested cereals

The products in the opticon® cereal range are treated using our modern pressure hydrothermal process. Due to the digestion by the patented process, the opticon® products support the digestion of the piglets. We offer a wide range of different opticon® grain products and their combination, which meet your individual requirements and can be integrated into your feeding concepts.

The most important at a glance

  • Our opticon®-treated cereal products have a guaranteed high starch breakdown ratio of at least 70%, making them quick and easy for piglets to digest.
  • They optimally support protein digestion and thus promote intestinal health due to their excellent dissolving behaviour in the piglet stomach.
  • The products are particularly tasty due to the typical opticon® biscuit smell and thus ensure an early and optimal feed intake

Recommendation for use

Intended use

Recommended dosage

As supplementary feed in the weaning phase.

25-40% of the total feed quantity

As a supplement in piglet rearing feed (from approx. 10 kg body weight).

10-20% of the total feed quantity in exchange for untreated cereals.

FaserGold - fermentable fibre

Due to its high concentration of raw fibres, FaserGold is the special fibre source in pig feed. The soybean hulls contained in FaserGold are broken down using our patented opticon® process. This expands the fibre structure and improves the swelling and water holding capacity (WHC) of 7.5. The special treatment of the soy hulls also optimises the fermentation properties in the large intestine of sows and piglets.

The most important facts at a glance

  • FaserGold has a high crude fibre content of 33%.
  • It contains the best fermentable structural carbohydrates - neutral detergent fibre (NDF) and acid detergent fibre (ADF) - which provide additional energy via short-chain fatty acids.
  • Its components are available in the large intestine as a rapidly available fermentation base.
  • The product specifically promotes the natural acid barrier against emerging, potentially pathogenic intestinal bacteria.
  • FaserGold contributes to balanced digestion, optimal intestinal health and thus to better performance and well-being of the animals.


  • 2014: Silver Medal of the German Agricultural Society (DLG)
  • 2015: "Novelty of the Year" in the category "Feed" of the Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (dlv)

Recommended use

Intended use

Dosage suggestion

For feeding lactating sows.

2-6% of the total feed quantity

For feeding pregnant sows.

4-12% of the total feed quantity

For feeding piglets in the weaning phase.

2-3.5% of the total feed quantity

For feeding piglets during the rearing phase.

2-3% of the total feed quantity

For feeding pigs in the pre-fattening, middle-fattening and finishing stages.

2-5% of the total feed quantity

Further information

Our assortment for cattle

opticon® rape - protected rapeseed meal

The high-quality protein feed opticon® rape consists of 100% rape meal. The pressure hydrothermal treatment of the valuable raw material sustainably reduces the degradation of the protein contained in the rapeseed in the rumen. The proportion of non-degradable crude protein (UDP) in the rumen is >70%. The passage rate is only 8% per hour. Damage to the bypass protein is excluded. This leads to a high intermediate availability of amino acids in the metabolism and thus promotes milk yield.

The most important facts at a glance

  • The protein contained in the product is ideally protected by the opticon® treatment.
  • The rate of degradation in the rumen is sustainably reduced.
  • opticon® rape is characterised by its high digestibility in the small intestine.
  • The amino acids it contains are optimally available as intermediates.
  • It is very well accepted due to its opticon®-typical, bread-like smell.

Recommended use

Intended use

Recommended dosage

As a protein supplement in the basic ration (high silage content)

3-5 kg cow/day*

As "top dressing" in MR and/or TMR

1-3 kg cow/day*

optiLein - protected linseed

Our linseed speciality optiLein is a mixture of 60% linseed, 25% wheat and 15% sugar-reduced dried pulp. The pressure hydrothermal treatment removes harmful substances from the linseed and significantly improves the fermentation as well as the water binding capacity.

The most important facts at a glance

  • optiLein contains a high proportion of healthy omega-3 linolenic acid.
  • It has a digestive effect due to the linseed being broken down and forming mucus in the intestine.
  • The product promotes the formation of progesterone. Thus optiLein improves the fertility and survival rate of embryos.
  • Our linseed speciality improved milk production in dairy cattle.
  • The product is particularly tasty due to the opticon®-typical flavours.
  • optiLein can also be used in calf, sow and horse feed.

Recommended use

Intended use

Recommended dosage

In high-performance herds during lactation.

500-1,500 g cow/day

As starter feed for young calves.

approx. 10-20% of the total daily feed intake in addition to a high-quality calf starter or the farm's own starter mix.

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Matthias Kleverbeck

Sales Manager opticon®