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Tradesman operates computer in the bagging plant
Tradesmen in the bagging

Feed production

No animal husbandry without suitable feed - this applies to cattle, pigs and poultry in agricultural animal husbandry as well as to domestic or breeding animals. Compound feeds play an important role in supplying all these animals. The complexity of feed production has increased over the years. Today, compound feeds are precisely coordinated high-performance products that have to meet the high demands of livestock farmers and legislators alike.

What are compound feeds?

  • Compound feeds consist of at least two components. These ingredients - also known as feed materials - are cereals (e.g. wheat or barley) or oil cake or meal (e.g. from soya or rapeseed). Many feeds also contain added vitamins, amino acids, trace elements or enzymes.
  • Compound feeds can be used in two different ways: On the one hand as so-called "complete feed" or on the other hand combined with other feed (e.g. silage from the farm) as so-called "supplementary feed".
  • The majority of compound feeds are used to feed cattle, pigs or poultry in agriculture. However, sales of pet food for dogs, cats or rabbits have been rising steadily for years.
  • The various feeds are precisely adapted to the physiological characteristics of the different animal species, their age and activity level. This way, they receive the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, fat as well as vitamins and trace elements with their feed for a healthy development and a happy life.