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High daily gains, a lot of muscle meat and little fat - and at the same time a healthy rumen and only few failures: These are the goals in bull fattening. Our cattle fattening feeds are the optimal performance and needs-based supplement to your farm's own feeds. Thanks to the sophisticated, versatile protein and energy composition as well as highly dosed vitamin, mineral and trace element supplements, our feeds ensure the high nutritional requirements of your animals in all phases of fattening. In this way, your bulls also achieve rapid and consistent weight gain.

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You would like to buy beef cattle feed? You can purchase the cattle feeds of our brands deukalac, Clubkraft and Nordkraft either via the agricultural trade or order directly online in our partner portal DEU●PA.

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Maize silage containing basic rations show a more or less high protein deficiency, which you can excellently compensate for with one of our versatile bull fattening feeds matching your basic feed. Furthermore, in addition to the basic feed, it is also necessary to supplement the missing minerals, vitamins and trace elements in order to supply the animals with the nutrients they need in all growth phases. These requirements are also covered by our wide range of partially or fully mineralised bull fattening feeds.

The concept

Our particularly protein-rich supplements serve to enhance your high-energy fattening. Our supplements are also partially or fully mineralised - depending on your needs - and thus ensure that your animals are supplied according to their needs and performance in line with your farm conditions. The precisely balanced ratio of the nutrients contained according to our Immuno-Care Complex make our feeds particularly compatible.

The concept

Feedstuffs to supplement the basic ration with important bulk elements, trace elements and vitamins. deukaMin mineral feeds ensure an optimal supply of minerals to the fattening cattle and thus form an important prerequisite for optimal weight gain. Depending on the composition of the basic ration and the current conditions on the farm, a suitable mineral feed must be selected.

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