deuka consultant holds full and satisfied piglet (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
Magnificent litter of piglets on magnificent teats (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
Farmer kneeling in flattdeck between healthy young animals (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
Group of young pigs in flat deck looking forward to fresh feed (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).


Our feeds for piglets

For piglets to become vital, strong pigs, their nutrition must be right. Only when they receive all the important nutrients in their feed after weaning can the litter develop evenly and reach its potential. Since the gastrointestinal tract is slow to get used to solid food, only nutrient-rich and digestible piglet feeds (prestarters, piglet rearing feeds and mineral feeds) set the course for healthy development.

The piglet feeds of our deuka and Club brands cover the special needs of young animals and promote natural, even development. The piglet feed recipes are the result of scientific research and decades of experience.

Piglets suckle on magnificent teats (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
Farmer and deuka consultant check feed quality in piglet house (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
Area management pig

Georg Riewenherm

Division Manager Pork