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From prestarter to our multiphase piglet rearing feeds: You will find a wide range of tasty and nutritious products in our extensive feed assortment. Early supplementary feeding with our highly digestible feeds trains the enzyme system and supports the piglets' digestive tract during the transition from sow's milk to a diet containing starch and fibre. In this way you lay the foundation for the healthy development of your animals and help to develop the full performance potential of your young pigs.

The recipes of our carefully manufactured products are the result of constant scientific research and are based on our decades of experience in piglet feeding.

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You would like to buy piglet feed? You can purchase our deuka and Club brand piglet feeds either via the agricultural trade or order them directly online in our partner portal DEU●PA.

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The concept

Our prestarter feeds are ideal for supplementary feeding of piglets from the 5th day of life. With the help of these tasty, highly digestible products, you can optimally prepare your piglets for the weaning phase, compensate for possible energy deficits and make a valuable contribution to intestinal development.

The concept

Our FAZ I with its easily digestible and tasty components is ideal for feeding around weaning. To maximise the growth potential of the piglets, our products are rich in valuable protein.

The concept

The recipes of our FAZ II are precisely tailored to the needs of young pigs weighing 10 kg or more. They provide the animals with all the nutrients necessary for even and rapid growth and include a comprehensive safety concept.

The concept

Top performance in the growth phase and optimum meat yield are the goals for which we have developed our FAZ III. The feed is optimally utilised and thus ensures an optimal start into fattening.

The concept

The mineral feeds for piglets of our deukaMin brand are ideal for upgrading the basic ration from farm-produced and purchased energy and protein sources. They help to reduce stress and thus have a beneficial effect on the growth of the animals and their immune defence. Probiotics have a positive effect on intestinal health and thus support digestion.

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