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Vegetable fat

Vegetable fat" is the fat obtained from plants (solid at room temperature) such as coconut fat. Vegetable fat contains low to medium proportions of unsaturated and higher proportions of saturated fatty acids, which are responsible for the solid consistency at room temperature. These are, for example, lauric acid and stearic acid. Vegetable fat contains a very high energy contentand is used in varying proportions in the feed, depending on the energy requirements of the animal species to be fed. It is also used to ensure the animal's need for essential fatty acids. Vegetable fat is used, for example, in the feed for fattening pigs and fattening poultry as an energy-rich component, as saturated fatty acids ensure a firm fat. This is very important for the production of long-life sausages, for example. The use of vegetable oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids would result in soft bacon