Horse treats

deukavalli as a treat for your darling

Illustration deukavalli banana (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
Illustration deukavalli Kraeuter (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

Horse treats

deukavalli as a treat for your darling

  • deukavalli is the delicious reward for your horse - or just for in between.
  • The treats are available in six flavours (banana, apple, raspberry, herbs or grain-free)
  • As a customer said the other day: "Mmm, delicious - I'll have to go and buy it for my darling right away!

Strengthens the relationship between horse and human

Whether in leisure or sport: a little attention in everyday life strengthens the emotional bond between horse and rider. Tasty treats in different flavours are best suited here.

Reward in many flavours

Apple, herbs, raspberry, banana and many more: The treat is available in different flavours. So it meets the taste of every horse and is suitable as a reward during sport and training.

Feeding recommendation

Use in small quantities as a reward.

List of ingredients

Banana: Oat bran, wheat bran, calcium carbonate, barley, ZR molasses, maize, bananas tr.

Apple: Wheat bran, oat hull bran, calcium carbonate, alfalfa meal, fruit (apple) pomace tr., ZR molasses, barley, maize, apple pieces tr.

Raspberry: Wheat bran, oat hull bran, calcium carbonate, maize, barley, ZR molasses, beetroot powder, raspberries tr.

Herbs: Lucerne meal, wheat bran, barley, oat hull bran, ZR molasses, maize, calcium carbonate, camomile, sage, hazelnut leaves, nettle leaves, coriander, marjoram, garden savoury

Grain-free: Rice husk bran, alfalfa meal, fruit (apple) pomace, linseed meal, calcium carbonate, molasses pulp, milk thistle oil, hawthorn leaves, milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, ginkgo leaves

There may be slight deviations in the content of individual nutrients and ingredients between the suppliers.

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