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Animal welfare

The issue of animal welfare is of great importance in the debate on sustainable agriculture. Healthy food from well cared for animals: That is the wish of many consumers. In this context, the focus of interest is particularly on husbandry practices. But animal welfare means much more and also includes feeding. As an animal feed manufacturer, we therefore have a special responsibility.

With the development and production of high-quality products according to the highest quality standards, we contribute to a needs- and breed-specific supply of animals and thus make a valuable contribution to improving animal welfare.

What does animal welfare mean?

The term "animal welfare" is not clearly defined. Moreover, it has changed repeatedly in the past. In addition to opportunities for exercise, social contact, light, air and rest, performance- and species-appropriate feeding also makes a significant contribution to animal welfare. Only well-fed animals that are supplied with all nutrients and vitamins are healthy and happy.

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Feed of the highest quality to enhance animal welfare

Compound feeds are complex and sophisticated foods for animals. We place the highest demands on our products, which are designed to convince with their quality and contribute to greater animal welfare. More than 20 agricultural engineers are therefore constantly working on improving our recipes, which are constantly being optimised based on nutritional findings.

We provide animals in their respective growth phases with mature and specialised feeds that contain all the important vitamins and nutrients. In addition, they improve digestibility in the intestine and protect against diseases - without any added antibiotics. This is not only good for the animal, but also for humans.

We ensure the quality of our feed through regular controls during production as well as through certification by the independent quality assurance system QS. Your testing system for food. In addition, we are involved in expert committees in theGerman Animal Feed Association(DVT) and in the "Feed and Feeding" working group of theGerman Agricultural Society(DLG).

For us, animal welfare and environmental protection go hand in hand. We therefore strive toproduce our feed assustainably as possible. In this context, we usecertified raw materials for the production of our products whenever possible. Finally, we contribute to climate protection through optimised feeding concepts.
By constantly improving our recipes, we achieve better utilisation of the feed by cattle, pigs and poultry. In this way, we help to reduce the emission of environmentally harmful gases in agriculture. At the same time, we always strive to minimise the use of resources in our production. In this way, we make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and ensure the sustainable use of natural raw materials.

Constant research for modern and compatible feed concepts

Constantresearch plays an important role infeed production. Only digestible feeds that are easy to digest also contribute to improving animal welfare. Our feeding concepts are based on current knowledge about the properties of the raw materials used and on research results about the optimal time as well as the optimal frequency and quantity of feeding.

Our more than 100 qualified feed advisors support farmers in their daily work and contribute to the optimal care of the animals. The participation of our employees in scientific projects and the regular training of our advisors ensure the high level of our advisory recommendations in the stables on site.

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