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Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is breaking new ground in feeding. Germany's largest private compound feed producer is presenting a unique feeding concept worldwide at the beginning of the second quarter. The new product range, consisting of highly digestible weaning feeds, nutrient-dense young animal products and high-energy fattening feeds, allows farmers to fully supply their animals from the start of the first feed intake.

"The constant improvement of our products is our daily business. But it is innovation that drives us forward as a manufacturer - for this we ourselves walk long and rocky roads," explains Georg Riewenherm, Head of Product Management, at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "With the release of this new, revolutionary feed concept, we are crowning a development process that has taken several years and involved our entire product development team."

First feed concept for the egg-laying lizard

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is the world's first compound feed manufacturer to offer a feed concept for the egg-laying lizard. As a fabulous farm animal, the wooly lactating pig has always made a variety of demands on its feed. Securing a good laying performance, particularly low-fat milk, cuddly wool and a consistent meat set: the catalog of requirements for wooly milksow feed (WMS feed) is as complex as it is long. "Until now, animal nutritionists have shied away from developing a customized feed concept," explains Riewenherm. "But that was precisely our incentive!"

Interdepartmental cooperation

All specialist departments worked closely together on the development. "Here we benefited from our decades of experience in cattle, sheep, pig and poultry feeding," explains Dr. Uwe Bornholdt, Divisional Manager in Poultry Product Management. "I have been with the company for quite a few years, but I have not seen such close cooperation between so many feeding experts before."

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Flour, pellets, granules: The new product range is available in all common feed structures. This means that farmers can ensure the supply of feed for their animals regardless of the feeding technology used. All products are designed as fully mineralized and vitamin-enriched complete feeds.

Feed quantity strongly limited

The new deuka brand feeds are available at all 14 locations in both bagged and bulk form (minimum order quantity three tons). However, due to the complex manufacturing process, production volumes are severely limited. Feed for egg-laying lactating sows is therefore only available on April 1st.

If you are interested, please contact your sales representative at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer.

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