primo DuoPower is a prestarter with a special structure. The combination of flour and granules teaches suckling piglets to take in feed playfully. The new piglet feed from deuka makes use of the natural feeding behaviour of young pigs to ensure a rapid and high feed intake. Feeding deuka primo DuoPower lays the foundation for optimal starch digestion and rapid growth during fattening.

"Sucking piglets are curious and initially engage with solid food in a playful way. This behaviour was the starting point for our considerations when developing primo DuoPower," explained Georg Riewenherm, Head of Product Management at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "The special feature of the new prestarter: its unusual structure. Granulated pieces animate the piglets to occupy themselves, while at the same time the flour portion sticks to the snout disc. The familiar taste of lactose encourages them to eat. This is how suckling piglets learn to eat with deuka primo DuoPower in a playful way."

primo DuoPower is an exceptional structural mix (C) Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

New prestarter lays the foundation for digesting solid food

The sweet smell and familiar taste of deuka primo DuoPower is achieved with lactose and whey powder. At the same time, the recipe of the prestarter contains a moderate amount of cereals. This supports the development of starch-cleaving enzymes in the intestine, which piglets need after weaning for the utilisation of solid food. This facilitates the feed change after weaning and reduces stress and digestive problems. In this way, farmers lay the foundation for rapid feed intake and high feed conversion in piglet rearing.

Our new exceptional prestarter prima DuoPower (C) Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

Combi structure allows use in all common feeding systems

The new Prestarter from deuka is suitable for feeding suckling piglets from the second day of life. Depending on the feeding strategy, it can be given until weaning or beyond. The combined structure of flour and granules allows feeding dry, as porridge or via the liquid feeding system. Deuka primo DuoPower is supplied as a bagged product in a 25-kilogram feed bag.

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