The market charts on the deuka website help farmers plan their operations (© Alexander Limbach -

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deuka market charts expanded and with new look

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Up-to-date market information is essential for successful business management. This is especially true in times of volatile markets. For this reason, we offer visitors to our website a wide selection of relevant market data on animal husbandry and agriculture for their operational planning. With the current update of the market charts, we are expanding the range of information with additional commodities, improving the visual appearance and simplifying navigation.

This is new for our markcharts

  • New look for overview pages
    Probably the most important adjustment is the fundamental redesign of the overview page. All graphs are now displayed individually, in a clearly structured grid. This makes it even easier and faster to grasp all market developments. The data of a month, a year or beyond: the time interval for each graph can be set individually and customized. The trend boxes, which are also new, show not only the current closing price but also the exact price development of the preset time interval.
  • Automated conversion into euros per ton
    All data from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBoT) - the world's oldest futures exchange in Chicago - is given in dollars and American units. With the help of a toggle switch, the website now converts the American values into euros per ton - all fully automatically. The system takes into account historical exchange rates from the last two years.
The market charts on the deuka website help farmers plan their operations (© Alexander Limbach -
  • New market data completes offer
    With rapeseed meal and wheat bran, the market values of two further raw materials can now be found on our website. The range of information on oils has also been expanded. With "Crude Oil Brent", the value of Europe's most important type of crude oil is now also given on
  • Detail pages: Now even more clearly structured
    We have also optimized the look of the detail pages. A more generous cut gives all elements of our detail pages more space. This improves navigation for visitors and organizes all the information displayed in a meaningful way. In addition to the current contract dates, historical course data can also be found here in a comprehensible and tabular form.

To access the market charts, click on the red "Market Charts" button on our home page:

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We hope you enjoy our new market charts.

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