Düsseldorf - 14/03/2024 | With Wiesenmash, deukavallo is expanding its portfolio with a grain-free mash. The recipe for the mash feed is not only grain-free, but also contains valuable fibre. This supports the intestinal flora and promotes the horse's performance. The low-starch and low-sugar recipe makes it particularly suitable for feeding horses with stomach problems or metabolic disorders such as Cushing's disease (ECS/PPID) or Equine Metabolic Syndrome (EMS). Thus, deukavallo Wiesenmash offers a reliable solution for horse owners who want to improve the well-being and performance of their animals.

The fibre-rich mixture of deukavallo Wiesenmash promotes healthy intestinal flora on the basis of Timothy hay, a grass plant that is particularly low in sugar and protein. The mash also contains apple pomace, whose pectins (prebiotic fibre) naturally promote digestion. The starch- and sugar-reduced composition thus relieves the stomach and metabolism of sensitive horses. The protein-rich lupin flakes are particularly beneficial for heavy-fed horses. In addition, the meadow mash provides valuable fatty acids via linseed and sunflower seeds, which play an important role in immune defence. Tasty marigold blossoms, which support the stomach lining with their secondary plant substances, round off the selected recipe.

Optimum tolerance and versatile application

deukavallo Wiesenmash is not only grain-free but also molasses-free and is therefore particularly suitable for horses with sensitive stomachs. It is also an ideal choice for horses with conditions such as EMS, Cushing's syndrome and PSSM or with a tendency to laminitis.

The right choice for heavy-feeding horses

"Our aim was to develop a product that meets the needs of horses with stomach problems or specific illnesses and at the same time offers optimum tolerability," says Barbara Wefers, Product Manager at deukavallo. "deukavallo Wiesenmash is not only suitable for sensitive horses, but also for fussy and heavy-feeding animals."

With the new grain-free mash, deukavallo closes a gap in feeding requirements (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer)
With the new grain-free mash, deukavallo closes a gap in feeding requirements (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer)

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