Illustration Happy piglets shortly before the first weaning feeding with primo first (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

primo first is a new weaning feed for piglets from Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. The new feed concept of the deuka brand is suitable for the comprehensive and safe supply of piglets with a low weaning weight. primo first ensures a high feed intake in the critical weaning phase and thus lays the foundation for rapid development. At the same time, acid additives make feeding particularly safe. The new piglet feed forms a link between prestarter and piglet rearing feed (FAZ) I and has been available in Lower Saxony since August 2021.

"The key to achieving remarkable daily gains lies in promoting feed intake and high ration digestibility," says Christina Jesse, division manager for pigs at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "But especially during the weaning phase, piglets often take in too little food. The right feed choice now sets the course for their further development."

primo first ensures feed intake during the particularly critical weaning phase

If feed intake is reduced during the weaning phase, there is a risk of undersupply. To compensate for existing energy and nutrient deficiencies, piglets often subsequently consume too much feed too quickly. As a result, the food mush is insufficiently digested in the stomach and intestines. Harmful germs can multiply and strain the immune system. Diarrhea, inflammation and negative consequences for growth and development are possible consequences.

With its particularly tasty components, primo first by deuka ensures a comprehensive supply to cover requirements from as early as five kg weaning weight. A mix of soy protein concentrate, whey powder and lactose stimulates the young pigs to eat and thus facilitates the transition from breast milk to solid food.

Comprehensive acid equipment offers safety

"In addition to all vital nutrients, primo first has an extensive acid content," says Jesse. "With formic acid, lactic acid and benzoic acid, the weaning starter supports the acidification of the feed slurry and effectively lowers the pH value in the piglet stomach." Thus primo first improves protein digestion and at the same time prevents the multiplication of pathogenic germs. Added probiotics have a supporting and stabilizing effect on the intestinal flora. This makes feeding primo first particularly safe.

"In addition, deuka primo first contains high proportions of cereals that have been broken down using our patented opticon® process. This makes digestion easier for the young piglet and creates difficult conditions for pathogens," says Jesse.

primo first: Modern feed for modern farms with large litters

primo first is specially designed for use on modern, high-performance farms with high-yielding sows and litters with large numbers of piglets. It is suitable for feeding piglets from a weight of five kg up to approx. twelve kg or until four weeks after weaning. Pig farmers can also use primo first from deuka to start feeding sows.

The perfect link between prestarter and piglet rearing feed (FAZ) I - deuka primo first - has been available in Lower Saxony since August 2021 (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).
The perfect link between prestarter and piglet rearing feed (FAZ) I - deuka primo first - has been available in Lower Saxony since August 2021 (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

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