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Top InForm is the new energy booster in the deukavallo range. The starchy concentrate is particularly suitable for supplying horses with a high nutritional and energy requirement. These are athletically active as well as older or underweight horses. To achieve this, deukavallo Top InForm uses starch from corn and barley. The treatment using the innovative opticon© technology naturally cracks the starch structure of the grain and breaks it down. The high degree of breakdown makes the grain energy more accessible. Alfalfa contained in the feed makes the high-performance feed particularly tasty and digestible.

"Corn and barley are cereals with a high starch content. They are ideal ingredients for energy- and nutrient-dense feeds like deukavallo Top InForm," explains Volker Kaup, deukavallo lead sales manager at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "However, untreated, the two types of grain are difficult to digest and can become a problem for horses. To break down the structure of corn and barley, we use our opticon® process in deukavallo Top InForm."

Modern technology for digestible, natural and high-energy horse feeds

opticon® is a patented refining process. The natural treatment with pressure and heat breaks down the starch structure of corn and barley. This makes it easier for horses to digest the grain and make the best possible use of the starch it contains (see graphic). This makes deukavallo Top InForm an innovative and highly digestible energy supplier.

Graphic starch breakdown ratio of corn, barley, deukavallo Top InForm (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer)

The energy source for sporty active horses

Sport horses have a high demand for energy, high-quality protein, vitamins and minerals. Whether in dressage, show jumping or western riding: The needs of active horses cannot be met with hay and basic feed alone. To ensure the supply, a horse feed like deukavallo Top InForm with high digestibility as well as comprehensive equipment with essential amino acids and a lot of vitamin E (500 mg/kg) is needed for a rapid muscle build-up. Thus deukavallo Top InForm makes an important contribution to the formation of a marrowless constitution in sport horses.

Feed photo deukavallo Top InForm Pellets_heap supervision (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer)

deukavallo Top InForm supports older and thin horses in building up body substance

When horses age, they break down body substance. The reason: they can no longer utilize feed as effectively. Many are heavy-fed and tend to be underweight. They therefore need a highly digestible restorative feed with high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and plenty of energy. The opticon® digestion makes the grain components in deukvallo Top InForm particularly digestible. This makes it easier to utilize the ingredients and improves the supply of aged animals.

The fermentable fibers and the high protein quality additionally support weight gain. Finally, the feed pellets have a special acceptance among heavy-fed horses. In case of dental problems the pellets can be soaked well. Thus, deukavallo Top InForm helps to secure the supply of underweight animals.

About deukavallo

deukavallo is the horse feed brand of Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. At deukavallo, the focus is on the well-being of horses - and has been for almost 50 years. Whether for leisure, sport or breeding horses, hopeful youngsters or experienced seniors: the deukavallo range offers the right feed for every horse. All products are precisely tailored to the nutritional needs of horses. The mueslis, extrudates, mineral and pellet feeds are the result of a constant exchange of experience with animal nutrition institutes, veterinary universities and horse owners and breeders.

Only the highest quality orientation leads to sustainable feeding success. We at deukavallo are convinced of this. For this reason, all our production processes - from the raw material to the finished product - are subject to complete documentation and constant monitoring of feed quality. This is how we at deukavallo ensure the best feed quality true to the motto: Naturally good horse feed.

About Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is the market-leading feed producer in Germany. With 2.6 million tons per year (2020), the company is the largest private manufacturer of high-quality compound feeds for livestock and pets. Over 730 employees from 19 nations are successfully engaged at 14 locations. The plants are among the most modern and largest of their kind in Germany. The deuka brand is of great importance throughout Germany and is also represented in many neighboring European countries. The associated brands Club and Nordkraft are firmly established above all in southern Germany and Lower Saxony. They all stand for the highest quality in all feeding areas.

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a company of Peter Cremer Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg. The company looks back on almost 100 years of tradition in compound feed production.

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