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Germany's largest private compound feed producer releases a new online portal for farmers and agricultural traders. The Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer Partnerportal (DEUꞏPA) enables feed to be ordered directly from the field, in the barn or at the feed table. Whether desktop PC, tablet or smartphone: as a modern web app, the display of the new portal adapts to all common end devices. But the DEUꞏPA can do even more: exclusive services and tools provide assistance in daily work. Interested parties can register at:

"We work every day to promote the success of our partners in agricultural trade and agriculture. With the launch of DEUꞏPA, we are one step closer to this goal," explains Thomas Bernsmann, Managing Director (Sales) at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "Ordering feed for cattle, pigs, poultry and the like is now even easier, faster and more flexible with DEUꞏPA."

DEUꞏPA: Ordering feed at the cutting edge.

The partner portal enables feed orders for all Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer brands around the clock. Orders for loose goods and bagged goods can be placed in DEUꞏPA with just a few clicks. Loading quantity, feed silo, pick-up and delivery date - everything can be determined precisely. All order information in the DEUꞏPA is transparent. The loading status is displayed up to the minute. For bagged goods orders, the sophisticated system calculates the total weight and the expected number of pallets for the delivery. This enables retailers to make optimum use of their trucks' capacities. At the same time, the portal learns with each order and shows users individual order suggestions. This makes ordering food on even more time-saving.

As a modern web app, the portal's display adapts to all common end devices - whether from a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. There is no need to download and install the app, as is the case with conventional apps. Simply enter the address in the browser, register and place your order.

Additional features and exclusive tools

DEUꞏPA is more than just an ordering portal for cattle, pig, poultry and pet food. It offers exclusive tools and services. For example, starting in May, cattle farmers can use the expanded RumiTop® N+P efficiency calculator to determine whether switching to N+P-reduced feeding will help them save on lease and disposal costs. Appealing explanatory videos guide users through the portal and explain the wide range of setting options. Comprehensive information on all Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer locations rounds off the offering. Further expansion phases are already underway and will offer portal users new features on a regular basis.

Next milestone in the digitization of Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

The release of the DEUꞏPA marks the next milestone in the digitization of the company. The partner portal impressively underlines the Düsseldorf-based compound feed manufacturer's orientation as a customer-oriented and modern company with timely, digital solutions. "With this launch, we are expanding and completing our online offering in the area of animal nutrition and consulting for agricultural businesses," explains Dr. Heinrich Kleine Klausing, Managing Director (Product Concept/Mineral Feed Division) of Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "With the regular contributions on our website and now our exclusive services and ordering options in the DEUꞏPA, we offer one-stop shopping for animal nutrition online."

About Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer is the market-leading animal feed producer in Germany. With 2.6 million tons per year (2020), the company is the largest private producer of high-quality compound feeds for livestock and pets. Over 730 employees* from 19 nations are successfully engaged at 14 locations. The plants are among the most modern and largest of their kind in Germany. The deuka brand is of great importance throughout Germany and is also represented in many neighboring European countries. The associated brands Club and Nordkraft are firmly established above all in southern Germany and Lower Saxony. They all stand for the highest quality in all feeding areas.

Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer, headquartered in Düsseldorf, is a company of Peter Cremer Holding GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg. The company looks back on almost 100 years of tradition in compound feed production.

You can find out more about our company, products, feed concepts and brands at Exclusive services and opportunities to order feed can be found by our partners in agricultural trade and agriculture at

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