deuka NG mobile stable feed in feed chain in mobile stable (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer), RGB
deuka NG mobile stable feed presented in hand (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer), RGB
deuka consultant and farmer at Mobilstall (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer), RGB

Mobile housing is booming in Germany. Today, more than 2.5 million laying hens live in well over 2,000 stables.1 Due to the modern way of keeping, laying hens need a complete feed with a composition that covers their needs. deuka NG Mobilstallfutter is such a special feed for small flocks in mobile stables. The energy and protein-rich composition fully covers the special needs of poultry in mobile stables. Thus, feeding with deuka NG Mobilstallfutter promotes shell stability, egg count and weight.

"The increased interest in mobile housing reflects the current trend toward regional food production and the desire for greater animal welfare," explains Dr. Uwe Bornholdt, Divisional Manager Poultry Feeding at Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer. "In this context, deuka NG Mobilstallfutter in the practical 25 kg bag is particularly well suited for feeding small and medium-sized flocks when no feed silo is available. This makes deuka NG Mobilstallfutter the ideal feed for newcomers to mobile stable management. In many places, cattle and pig farmers are also expanding their operations to include mobile poultry stables and direct sales from the farm."

First complete feed for laying hens in mobile housing.

deuka NG Mobilstallfutter is an energy-dense (11.6 MJ/kg) and protein-rich (17.5% crude protein) complete feed for laying hens. The homogeneous meal structure minimizes selective feeding and thus ensures high nutrient uptake. In addition, the oregano contained in the special feed supports the animals' digestion and immune system. In this way, deuka NG Mobilstallfutter ensures that the herd is supplied according to its needs when the run is used intensively. The GMO-free feed is suitable for feeding from the second week before the start of laying throughout the entire laying period.

Special needs of poultry in mobile housing

Laying hens in mobile housing spend most of the day outdoors. The main feeding of the birds in the morning must therefore already cover the daily requirements of the flock as far as possible. Mobile poultry farmers also place special demands on the egg quality of their flock. This is precisely the starting point for the development of deuka NG Mobilstallfutter.

Bag photo deuka NG mobile stable feed (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer).

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  1. Press release "Germany-wide nearly 2.5 million laying hens in mobile houses" by Bundesverband Mobile Geflügelhaltung e. V. (BVMG) (AUG. 19, 2020).