Farmer and adviser check feed quality at the feed table
Consultation in winter garden between advisor and farmer
Dogs eat dog food from deuka dog bowl (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer)

Raw material and nutrient lexicon

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Potato pulp

Potato pulp is a by-product of the extraction of starch from potatoes. The potato tubers are crushed and the potato starch is obtained by washing. Most of the potato protein remains in the wash water. The cell wall components and some residual starch remain in the potato pulp. The fresh pulp is very rich in water, the dry matter content is about 14 %. It is increased to approx. 25 % by pressing. The remaining water content is removed by drying. Dry potato pulp contains about 16 % crude fibre and up to 35 % starch (depending on the degree of starch leaching during extraction). Dried potato pulp is used in animal feed in compound feed for ruminants(cows, cattle). The crude fibre is very well fermented in the rumen and, with the inclusion of starch, represents an energy-rich single feed.