Farmer and adviser check feed quality at the feed table
Dogs eat dog food from deuka dog bowl (© Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer)
Consultation in winter garden between advisor and farmer

Raw material and nutrient lexicon

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The premix contains all the important vitamins and trace elements that are added to the feed to ensure requirements and maintain health. These are such important vitamins as A, D3, E, B-complex and essential trace elements such as zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and cobalt. The composition of the vitamin and trace element premix is very animal species-specific, as the individual animal species have very different requirements for the contents of individual vitamins and trace elements. The composition of the vitamins and trace elements, which are mostly required in the milligram range, in a premix based on e.g. wheat semolina bran, which is then used in the range of approx. 0.5 % in the compound feed , guarantees a high dosing accuracy and homogeneous distribution in the feed gram for gram.